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Here you can post all video threads related to Balrog. If there is any informational videos yall think should be in the first post let me know and I will add them to the post.

Post all videos related to Balrog in here. Ideally this thread would function similar to how the Bison video thread works.

PIE Smug (Balrog) vs DBJoseph (Juri)

PIE Smug (Balrog) vs Alucard (Birdie)

PIE Smug (Balrog) vs TampaBison (Bison)

PR Balrog (Balrog) vs Snake Eyez (Ryu)
Smug (Balrog) vs Giefkid (Gief)

Smug (Balrog) vs Wolfkrone (Laura)

Can I post my own vids even though I’m an US nub? :monkey:

It’s more helpful if you show a vid where you actually lost, when all we can see is you hitting a guy again and again there’s less to critique.

Your combos are pretty good, although you missed a couple I’m sure you know.

Right at the start you punish the whiffed DP with RH, Cr.Fierce leads to more damage I’m pretty sure, and he was close enough to do it. When it’s at long range it’s best to do RH, dash, mk~mp etc. but there you could have got a Cr.Fierce combo.

Your jump at 28s was bad. It’s fair enough to jump in most of the time if people arent gonna AA well, but even if he hadnt moved i dont think RH would have hit him (maybe though, looks close). I think you need to be extra careful with Rog in this situation as he doesn’t have a crossup. I still jump way too much myself though lol.

Your Cr.Fierce AAs are good too.

At the start of R2 if you wait a bit longer you can punish hurricane kick with much more (Cr Fierce etc.)

Edit: lol just realised you didn’t ask for feedback or anything. Haha, if you’re bothered by this I don’t mind deleting my post :punch:

Mkt-Iwata vs Tokido


Straight bodied.

MKt is really really solid, patient Rog… Different from most out there.

Idom vs Smug NLBC grand finals:

TOkido vs Iwate

I always thought MkT played a really defensive Rog. In this set instead of dealing with Akumas jump arcs he would v skill past the fb then backdash. Also I don’t think I seen Tokido Vskill once in all these sets.

You can def see how squishy Akuma is.

I don’t think he’s standing at the right distance. He’s too far away.

I agree, not sure what his strategy was here… I just figured I couldn’t see the master plan. He kept putting himself in a position he couldn’t push buttons nor make rush punch lp safe… too far.

Really good set. I’ve started v-skill punch cancelling the ex rush punch on hit now. You can catch people walking back or pressing buttons. I’ve been conditioning people to throw whenever I do it, and have won lots of matches baiting them from that point.

Some season 2 tech

I just posted this in the combos thread too.


Some great combos and block strings from both sides to take note of! A disappointing finish though. Capcom please.

beauty combo from great balrog