Balrog, Megaman style

Not sure if this counts as fan art or if it has been done before. The closest thing i’ve seen is 3rd Strike characters in Final Fantasy style. Done in Gimp.

Please ignore god and the ninja, they are not supposed to be any SF chars. They are for some other forum members avatars.

That looks pretty good. :lol:

You should do more of these.

Thanks. Already in the process. These are open for critique, also. Any input is appreciated. Keep in mind the limited resolution of the Megaman sprites.

So far.

Looks great, keep going, can’t wait to see the ladies!

Nice! can’t wait to see M.Bison!

Like to Sakura and Dan as well :tup:


i’m kidding, these are fucking genius. i’d like to see dictator

Nice stuff! I like how you gave Ken that smile compared to the rest.

dude that style is bad ass!!! any way i could request a chun in megaman style for an avatar? :stuck_out_tongue:

wow that is awesome :slight_smile: make one for honda :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody. I’ll try to get some of these done early this week. Might be tricky, but eventually the whole cast would be a cool collection.

LOL @ palette swaps… its easy!

thx, I also gave him a little more hair, but megaman with a real-deal ken mop was not in my realm of expertise. hah

Good stuff man, you gotta do Chun-Li soon!

Abel Please ?

LOL, that awesome. I like how Ken’s arrogant self is smiling while the others aren’t.

I would love to see a Urien and Hugo one.

Guy, Yun and Yang would be badass!

awesome stuff man, you should try to use the Megaman 9 sprite sans helmet for inspiration on how to get that true blue (no pun intended) ken head of hair.

Can i use the Balrog as a Avatar?

I’m kind of nitpicky with NES Megaman sprites.

-I for one, would like to see you do more complicated edits. It’s rather tiring to see the same sprite used for every SF character with minor changes. For example, you could definitely use the Robot Masters as a base, Gutsman could be a possible Zangief, Toadman a possible E.Honda, and so on.

-Work on resizing your sprites, I’m seeing inconsistent pixel sizes. Sprites in general should only be increased by either 200%, 300% or 400% from the original sprite (regular 1x1 pixel sizes).

-Avoid saving your sprites as a .jpg/.jpeg, especially when it’s 8-bit like NES Megaman. It really kills the quality of the image. Use .png, or .gif (if you can avoid color loss). .bmp keeps quality, but makes the filesize huge.

-NES Megaman Sprites have a maximum of 5 colors, though only Megaman and a few select bosses ever reach this number: most are 4, and even 3. Your Sagat actually has 6 colors. Try to keep to the limit, if you go over, the sprite can’t really be ‘8-bit’ anymore.

-Using original colors from the game helps with the ‘style’ and ‘feel’ of your sprites. Take reds/oranges from Gutsman or Elecman; blues from Iceman or Megaman; greens from Megaman with Bomb powers, etc. This isn’t 100% necessary, but it does help a little bit with matching the original ‘style’ and won’t clash when you put the original sprites and your sprites next to each other.

Don’t settle for the easy stuff, I’d like to see you go further than Megaman ‘recolors’. :slight_smile:


of course. these are free for people to use however they wish. I don’t give a hoot. =)

This is a spare time thing, done for fun. I started off just wanting to do Balrog. Perhaps a turn punch by Balrog using the running+shooting sprites, for instance.

I definitely considered at least Gutsman as a base for larger SF characters, just haven’t gotten to that point yet.

Originals are original size still, the jpg+larger resolution is just to share them. If anybody wants the originals, let me know.

I’m not a purist, I did this for fun. That limitation didn’t even cross my mind, as I was just trying to make them resemble SF characters. I didn’t say 8-bit in the original post, so I don’t mean to imply that it is. I do, however, get where you’re coming from.

I’ll try a few out, since swapping colors is easy. No promises though. I tried the original yellowish Megaman skin color for Ryu and it just looked, well, yellow.

Great input though, and I’ll keep posting what I do next.