Balrog Match Up Thread

Discuss your thoughts and tactics for this match up here -

Can’t keep him out for shit. It doesn’t feel good for Guile but that very well could change once I get used to new Balrog.

From my experience thus far, Guile does fine in this match. Use back fierce to crush counter him out of his dash straight. He has to walk forward, so use a lot of back fist too.

You won’t be able to keep him out SF4 style, but you can’t do that against anyone in this game anyways.

Some quick things I learned playing against my friend and training mode

  • Block his V-skill overhead, punish with>st.hp target combo or -> sonic boom. Since we’re normally charging downback, you know they will be using this quite a bit.
  • Block his> target combo, punish with -> fk. I’ve noticed a lot of online players tend to abuse this since they can v-trigger into a massive damage combo if the 2nd hits. Just remember the 2nd hits low.

Hopefully this helps.

You have to V-Reversal his V-Trigger. That thing is a pain in the ass lol.

I still feel like I need tons more match up practise in this one. I’ve played numerous Balrogs’ and they all play really different styles right now.

Anybody got tips for this matchup. I’m super platinum rank and I played this other super platinum balrog player and I lost 10 games straight. I feel like this matchup is guiles worst matchup. He can’t compete with balrogs normals and balrog’s v-skill in this game makes sonic booms a big risk.

I noticed you can do sonic blade if you are going against a balrog that is v-skill happy but if you get too carried away using sonic blade he will just jump over you and mess you up.

For this matchup I’ve been doing what nuckledu does and switch to mika.

Fish for counter hit sobat, cr.lp x2, hp.flash kick. It’s good against a lot of his forward moving stuff like rush punch. Neutral jumping is good in this match too when he doesn’t have ex.

Save your ex meter for critical art. You have quite a lot of opportunities to get crush counter b.hp into c.a in this match.

Save v-meter mainly for dealing with his v-trigger.

A lot of Balrogs’ like to do wakeup target combo. If they keep doing this and you get a knockdown, do last second neutral jump and punish that shit.

I watched chris g vs pr balrog fight in s2. S2 balrog is really good againts guile. Chris has a hard time getting in with his guile

I got my ass handed to me multiple times by a balrog player (his gamer name said Ed Ma but I’m not sure it was him). Then I played a lower rank balrog player (platinum) and still barely won the set.

This match is just not good for guile. It’s really rough. Guile can’t compete with his normals.

Wikum is right. Neutral jump is really good in this matchup. I think Guiles neutral jumping medium kick is the best because it has the longest range.

Seems like this match is pretty silly now. Does anyone have any updated strats? The posts on here are pretty old.

Neutral jump for now and to not excessively throw booms. Just hope that you can bait balrog. That’s what I do, is hope

Not sure how good it is now he can dp the jump? Was much better when his uppercut was a charge.

Most online balrog will just do random special moves to get it. I like doing a back rolling sobat(mK) then neutral jumping.