Balrog Hitboxes

Timestamps are in the description on the video page, but here they are anyway:

Standing Normals - 0:02
Crouching Normals - 0:17
Jumping Normals - 0:30
Dash Straight - 0:47
Dash Low - 0:59
Screw Smash - 1:13
TAP - 1:26
V-Skill - 1:47
V-Trigger - 2:05
EX - 2:36
Critical Art - 2:50

can someone slow motion the video?

If you’re on PC, then click the cogwheel on bottom right corner of the youtube video, there you have 2 options, Speed and Quality. Go to speed and choose the slow down you want! (0.5 or 0.25)

you should be able to download it from my vimeo page:

and then go through it frame by frame if you wanted to with something like WMP classic or VLC

I did a slow motion video some days ago trying to cover every move.