Balrog help

how do you you more experienced players handle this guy…??
some days ill get a balrog that turtles hardcore or ill get one that just rushes and rushes and wont stop…

soon as i get caught in that crouch Lp Lp Lk into baffalo headbutt into special its a wrap for me…or Lp Lp walk his lil happy ass on over and grab me while im mashing on the counter grab…i dont understand how ppl can get this guy…out of all the characters on the gane he is the only 1 that i get flusterd on…

if sum1 can give me just a lil insight on how to deal with this guy that would be great

One of the worst ways to play against Balrog is to mash imo. You’re not going to beat out his jabs.

Don’t mash the throw, just time it. If he’s doing lp lp throw constantly, punish him for falling into the same pattern.

Anyways, I think the best way to approach balrog is the space yourself properly so you dont get hit by counter dash punches/TAPs, do safejumps to baitout headbutts, and most importantly, stay patient.

I have a hard time beating Balrog too, his normals, pokes, and fast jabs are really good :\

It would help to know what character you are playing. Also if Balrog does a combo into heavy headbutt and then you tech and knock down balrog can set up a safe jump by jumping immediately after the headbutt so block high and don’t try to reversal. Learn to crouch tech for the jabs into throw combos. Never jump at him unless you knock him down first or he whiffs a sweep or something like that. All of his dash punches can be focused except the torpedo dash and the turn around punch which can be punished on block. Balrog doesn’t have a good answer for crossovers so try to land those when you can. Punish all of his blocked headbutts. Also if you play a character with a command grab those are usually good to use a lot against a turtle balrog since he will be blocking a lot.

i dont mash when i play him…just mash the grab to counter his…bison is my main and i kinda got my spacing and can easily spot how the balrog is gonna play based off his first couple attempts to try something

I feel you man he’s a tuff one I play akuma so i am still trying to learn the match up itself.His normals are so good that he can beat akuma with that alone but yea focus is key and try and baiti out BHB.

How are you getting hit by LP LP LK Buffalo headbutt? I know it seems like he gets it for free all over the place, but really think about it. One place you can get hit by this is when you fuck up an anti-air. You’re prolly using HK for this. If Balrog is right over your head, his j. HK may actually scoop around your head and counter hit you before your kick hits him. Thats why you might wanna use cr. HP instead. Its lower to the ground so it works better when he’s right over your head, but its also a very slow move and its hard to react with every time.

The other place you can get caught in is in block strings. If you land a jump in blocked HK and try to walk up and do something, you may actually get cr. jabbed out of your throw because you timed it shitty. You can try using j. MK or something, the timing between it and the throw is much harder to jab through. Just make sure you’re careful about where the holes in your block strings are. Also if you’re trying something like cr. LK from far away, walk up grab, you are VERY likely to get jabbed before reaching Balrog.

After landing LK scissors, immediately jump forward and HK. This is a safe jump setup against all headbutts.

Also, you cannot just mash grabs to get out of throws. Learn to crouch tech: