Balrog Combo/Tech Thread

Figure I’d start one so we can start collecting everything in one place. Feel free to post any Balrog Combos/Tech here.


Frame Traps

-Blank Mauser

  • MarLonLonMilk

Terminology Glossary

st. - standing
cr. - crouching
b. - back
f. - forward

h. - heavy version of a special
m. - medium version of a special
l. - light version of a special

lp - light punch
mp - medium punch
hp - heavy punch

lk - light kick
mk - medium kick
hk - heavy kick

> - linked into
x - chained into
xx - cancelled into
~ - option selected

VT - V-Trigger
VTC - V-Trigger Cancel

CC - Crush Counter

TC - Target Combo[/details]

Meterless - > cr.lp xx l.dash straight -
111 damage
253 stun

st.lp > xx l.dash low -
140 damage
280 stun > - - combo) -
168 damage
289 stun > xx m.dash upper -
222 damage
360 stun > xx l.dash low -
190 damage
360 stun

cr.hp xx h.dash upper > l.dash straight -
235 damage
405 stun

cr.hp xx h.dash low -
171 damage
285 stun

v-skill overhead > xx l.dash low -
160 damage
310 stun

One Bar - > xx EX dash upper OR dash straight
254 damage
400 stun

cr.hp > h.dash upper > EX dash low
283 damage
445 stun

cr.hp > h.dash upper > EX dash straight
291 damage
445 stun

General rules of V-Trigger follow-ups -
Aim to land cr.hp into h.dash upper and follow up into multiple dash punches. Best corner carry, highest damage(I think).

I’d do more but I wanna play, I need some games

Epic stuff guys! Just managed to get home from work and finally try out the character. Thanks for giving me a place to start :slight_smile:

Man idk if it’s because I’m really really tired right now or I’m just sucking with the charge management but I couldn’t do > xx l.dash straight into v-skill overhead at all just a sec ago, had to quit out because of how much it was annoying me, I haven’t had execution issues in years.

The dash straight wouldn’t come out sometimes, sometimes I’d miss the v-skill window and just a bunch of sloppy stuff on my end. Bleh, I’m salty.

@Froztey don’t worry friend, it’s because it’s not possible. You have to do > st.jab > dash feint - OH.

Strange that it doesn’t work when cancelled off

edit: just use mp dash feint instead.

St.HK > > mp dash feint - OH

nice job mate

Frame data on the normals looks promising, but hes really negative on his punches and his overhead mixups. Gonna be a real gamble to open people up, you’re gonna have to really commit to that overhead.

Wow that overhead… Yikes. Dash punch is ok, need to test with pushback to see how practically punishable it is.

Really loving the walk speed.

I’m cancelling the into a dash straight, and then cancelling into the v-skill overhead from it

Yea we’re talking the same thing. However, it doesn’t work when you use lp dash straight, but it’ll work when you use mp straight.

Oh? I could have sworn I’d managed to get it off once with l.straight, huh. Weird.

It does work with l.dash, just tougher to do. But why would you do l.dash anyway?
Just use m dash, if you mess up the cancel to v skill, at least you get more damage

Off the specific combo > you’re able to lp.dash v-skill feint? I tried several timings and it always have me dash straight.

I know off of anything else you can v-skill out of it, but that specific combo I couldn’t.

The following Frame Traps I tested with Chun-Li’s 3 frame cr.lp
Notable Frame Traps:
s.HK , s.MK goes into Target combo or cancel to specials
c.LP , s.MP
c.LP , c.LK link to c.MP if close
c.LP, s.LK goes into target combo

These I dont abuse as much
s.HK , s.LP
s.MK , s.LP
s.LP , s.LP , s.LK Note: if close enough s.LP links after the counter s.LK
c.LP , s.LP

yup, got it to work, even though it feels wonky af… it kinda feels like a seismo cancel from viper timing wise.

But as I said, doing the m.dash only has advantages. xx m.dash combos
m.dash has a slightly bigger cancel window -> less fuck ups
m.dash does slightly more damage (havent checked stun, but it wont be less than lp version)

So I wouldnt bother learning the l.dash version.

Back throw light dash punch meaty:

sHK is the party starter!

CC sHK sHK crMK MK VTC crHP xx H Upper L Dash Straight K K K K K 363/656 Stun

Add Super for 542/661

CC sHK (walk forward a step) sHK crMP xx M Upper 293/500 Half a V segment and over half an EX bar built as well

That damage is disgusting

Balrog’s CA being QCFx2 is really fucking with me 2-in-1 ing it. I really hate that it’s not a fucking charge move like it should be. It’s cost me multiple rounds.

Did this one up. No tech, no setups just no frills BnB’s