Ball top unscrewing easily

Since last week I have been dealing with the balltop of my sanwa TE coming off while I play. I know that you can open the stick and tighten a screw to solve the problem, but I don’t want to void the warranty so is there anyway to tighten the ball top without opening the fightstick ?

There’s no way to tighten the balltop without having access to the bottom of the joystick.

You say you have a TE, so you can open the stick from the top with a Hex/Allen key to tighten up the balltop. Your warranty is technically not voided when opening from the top.

Go in through the top with a hex key

According to Markman fact the warranty is voided if you open it in any way so it looks like that I will have to void the warranty to fix this problem. Anyway thanks for your help.

You could put loctite blue (or the equivalent) on the threads.

Do not put loctite or epoxy on the threads, you will have to destroy the balltop to remove it from the shaft if it bonds tightly.

Use 3 or 4 wraps of “teflon” plumber’s tape on the threads. It will keep the balltop secure and still be removable with enough force. No need to open the case, you can tighten it by hand and it will never come off unintentionally.

No adhesives, just friction. It’ll stay on your threads forever and come off clean every time, even after a decade.

I use this exact method on all of my problematic balltops.

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Thanks @deserada I will try doing so.

If you do decide to open the case I highly recommend phreakmods link. I used to have the same problem every 2 months of heavy use (I must grip the balltop quite hard) and I would constant have to open up the case just to tighten it. With the link you can just pull it off, insert a hex key and tighten the balltop. Then just re-attach back to the base.

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Teflon tape works great for this, like Deserada said. I’ve used it on all my bat tops for my sticks.