Ball Top size on Tournament Edition

I don’t see anywhere what size is used on the stick, is it the typical 35mm?

I see some 38’s and 45’s that look sweet so I was wondering.

Really think I will do better on the tournament edition size though it looks good the ball top I have right now is really really small its probably 24-28mm I would guess. It’s not a ball top though its one whole piece of plastic I wish I didn’t buy.

My hands are pretty small and womanly with longer than average fingers.

35s for balltops are just about standard on everything. i haven’t heard about 45s ever since I browsed sanwa’s website eons ago. i always wondered if anybody tried that thing.

The standard is 35 mm for ball tops, 30mm are made by Seimitsu. Nintendo had made some 20mm ball tops for some of there arcade cabs in the 80s and for the NES advantage.
Sanwa makes the monstrous 45 mm ball tops, intended for the JLW-8-UM and has the same 10mm threading as bat tops (and need a bat top adapter for other sticks).
The Sanwa 45 mm ball top is actually too heavy for a Sanwa JLF using its default spring as the weight of the ball top can move the shaft around.

I have played wth 45s. They are fun because they are so big dashing is really easy, but dark is right. you definately need a heavier spring to make this option viable.

I have also played with 30mm which is pretty cool tool. They both look very funny side by side.

All in all, I would just stick with the standard size, although I head some like buteroj’s 38mm balltop. I have one in the mail today I will try.

Not to derail the thread, but just for teh lawls, this is probably the funniest top I have played with:

I was looking for something more like a dragon bat top and bought this thing. It is barely wider than a JLF shaft. so pointless, but so funny.

nice guys I was looking at a lot of neat ones some 40mm that fit onto JLF.

Looking into everything before investing since I wasted the 10.23 on this fight stick with rubber internals on the buttons and stick…

Only stat I didn’t have was the size of the ball on TE. Not really familiar with the Japanese standard always remember battops here in USA on Street Fighter Alpha 2 machines. We don’t have any SF4 machines in this city. Might be some Alpha 3 or third strike not sure. And I also remember nintendo’s small ball tops thats probably why I bought the stick I got it looked familiar but was fake. I think Sunset Riders had a nintendo cabinet but not sure.

I got the wood already getting read to build my custom stick. Got enough wood for 2 boxes actually. One will be a little less in length though but still bigger than some of the custom ones out there.

I had the opportunity to hold a 45mm balltop that was installed on another player’s TE a few months back at a local tournament. Was definitely interesting (in a different way).
I don’t think I could get myself to use one in the end anyways (I’m a bat-top user either way).

Just uploaded the render for my second stick coloration doubt I will find buttons that epic though

Second design this one I might go with 38mm to 40mm Actually the wood color is way off kind of forgot to paint it oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I want to build first though this will be 35mm