Balance suggestions

At their comic-con panel, Capcom wanted fans to discuss changes to UMVC3, as they agreed that the game did need a balance patch. For me, I only have one suggestion. Improve Iron Man’s smart bomb so it is easier to follow up afterwards, without an assist. This was the first thing I could think of, what other characters could they change in this patch(that probably isn’t going to happen, but we can hope).

I think a good idea is to get all the top players for each character to give suggestions on the balance changes, since they are the ones that have experience with the matchups and know the tools for their respective characters. They will know how each character is relative to the other.

There could be many ways this could be done, but I think this is a good idea.

  1. Take the game’s rating and move it to the other side of the cover so people will know Hsien-ko exists
  2. Retool the hell out of the netcode so I won’t feel like I’m playing someone from Mars all the time

We ain’t doin shit for Iron Man. He’s already rich. What more does he need?

Lol jk

What’s actually going to happen is Iron Guy here is gonna be really badass, almost OP, and Virgil is going to be nerfed into tierlist purgatory.

Capcorn is on the money. They should buff the yolo for all of the characters.

The one thing that I want more than anything is Mega Man Tron buffs. I can live with Phoenix Wright being shit, but Tron remains one of the only things that I actually like about Vanilla over Ultimate. Once Tron is better (and they fix the damn HUD) this will be the TRUE definitive version.

Vanilla HUD with Ultimate X-Factor HUD

EDIT: Plus the music

I posted this in the news article but I figure I’ll put it here too since threads always turn out to be more lively!


I had made a list of character specific changes a while back, but I think everyone said it sucked or something, I’ll see if I can dredge it up all the same at some point if this thread becomes hot enough…

I’m glad Capcom is at least putting the notion of a patch into consideration. I’d really love to see the this game take even one step down the absurdity ladder! Would there be any way for us to get into contact with representatives of Capcom to show our support towards a patch? I figure this might be one of the first steps we need to take because Capcom appears to only be on the fence at the moment with this decision. Let’s rock!

As silly as it may be I would really like them to give Skrull’s “He Loves You” statement during inferno back lol

We’re all idiots for being convinced even for a second this game wasn’t getting an update.

Ambiguous incoming mixups and commonplace TODs need to go. Guess scenarios should be neutral game set ups, not vortexs off 1 hit.

i just want vanilla tron in umvc3. thats all.

Buff Strider, that is all.
Raise his health, Raise his damage… It doesn’t need to be both, one is good enough.

or i’d take lvl one orbs like the old days. reduce damage on them obviously.

I think we’ll just have Nolan North record some hilarious “Yolo” and/or “#swag” jokes and give Deadpool two costumes where they can come into play. Then we’ll make him the only playable character. You can choose regular old Deadpool, or #YOLOswag420 Deadpool.

personally, i think a lot of problems can be solved by simply making a few system tweaks.

  1. how do people feel about empty meter building?

  2. i think something needs to be done about aircombos not causing flying screen unless they are initiated by S. currently, some characters are without adequate tools when they’re at superjump height (i.e. ghostrider, ironfist). those characters can easily be given tools to fill in that gap, but i feel a system tweak in addition to new tools would add more overall depth to the game. a new system could be introduced similar to mvc2’s where a certain number of sj air attacks (ex 4 or more) that end with a flying screen activator cause flying screen, but any number of hits less than that amount (ex 3 or less) won’t. so as an example, if sentinel does sj.MMHS, it’ll cause flying screen, but if he does sj.MHS, it’ll cause groundbounce instead. keep in mind, these are for NON-S-INITIATED AIRCOMBOS. aircombos (and exchanges) initiated with S follow the same rules as they do now.

  3. also, in umvc3, if you launch your opponent while they are above you, your followup superjump may not have enough vertical trajectory to do a full aircombo. in mvc1, iirc, if this same thing happened, the game would allow you to superjump higher than usual so you were able to perform a full aircombo series. something like this could be added to umvc3.

  4. i personally don’t have a problem with air exchanges pausing hitstun, but tac infinites should obviously go.

  5. air exchange color coding improved. we all know how.

  6. in addition to that, i’ve been thinking about how exchanges could be reworked considering people don’t like the way they are currently. maybe down exchange remains the same in regard to gaining 1 meter, but at the expense that if your opponent successfully guesses/reacts right, their character gains the opportunity to combo you back a la pre-release mvc3. side exchange remains the same, deducting a meter from your opponent, no free combo for your opponent for successfully escaping. up exchange…i don’t know yet.

  7. vanilla lifebar HUD, with ultimate xfactor icon. perhaps also, each team glowing a different color when their respective xfactors are active. this way, mirror matches are a little easier to discern from one another when both players have xfactor in play.

i have some other ideas for new alternates and new moves as well, but i’ll leave this as is for now.

I totally wrote up a huge thing for this and the other balance thread, but for right now, I just want to request for manual teching to come back. Automated teching really blows and it would be a good step forward for this system if the actual system undergoes any changes.

Please take the rebalance suggestions to the existing thread: