Balance 3rd Strike

How would you go about doing it? No, I’m not just interested in the top three, what would you change about EVERYONE?

Yun: Normals need vastly reduced meter build, Genei Jin should do about 3/4 - 2/3 of the current damage it does (???)
Chun-Li: I’m not sure really, no more late cancelling c.MK, and her [stupid] normals should have fewer active hit frames. Not sure on the specifics.
Ken: 2- stocks of Shippu? Not sure. Slightly reduced damage all round perhaps.
Makoto: No more 100% stuns [from 0 stun]. Again, not really sure. Slight damage reduction all over perhaps.

**Dudley - Ibuki **(No changes or minor Damage scaled up/down depending on position relative to centre)

Elena - ?
Necro - ?
Alex - ?
Remy - ?
Q - Needs a wake-up option against Makoto/at all. Something helpfully cancelable. Higher natural defence. I mean, at the moment his three taunt thing is just an annoyance. It should be something to FEAR.
Hugo - ?
Twelve - MAJOR damage increase, and some actual links, cancels, what have you.
Sean - Fuckin’ SOMETHING, god damn.

Any comments?

These “Hey let’s balance 3s even though it won’t ever see the light of day or change anything” threads have been done to death. Just search the forums.

Yes. Yes, they have. But it would be bad form to bump a topic as old as that.

There was a relatively recent one, but it’s not coming up when I search, only two really old ones do. Oh well.

This topic always makes me mad anyway, people often suggest such dumb ideas like messing with mid tiers for no reason, things that go against the general mechanics and rules of the game, and wanting changes that detract from the diversity of the how the characters play. So I think I’m just gonna stay out of this.

I’ll tell you how to balance it. Ban Yun Chun Ken and maybe Makoto.


lol @ sean,

Hugo just needs an easier way to do 360 grabs like Alex with his half circle back grab. no1 really fears a hugo player unless he can do standing 360s lol.

Standing 360s are easy. You realize you don’t actually have to do a full 360 motion, right?

k then why is hugo low tier

Cuz he’s big and slow and if you can keep away from him he can’t really do damage.

If you’re seriously saying that Hugo is low tier because standing 360s are hard to do, then that is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on this forum, and that’s really saying a lot.

yeah, stop bitching. the game is fine as is.

What the hell is wrong with 3s?

If you ban or change certain characters other ones will just usurp them and there will still be top tier characters.

Just leave it how it is.


Yang-make SAII hit low then high and do more damage,give him more health.Allow a dive kick off a super jump cancel(close standing mk xx Super jump forward into dive kick behind) make roll kicks faster.Make it so you can’t hit yang during his “teleport aka instant transmission Lol” move.

Alex- make low strong cancel into SAII and hit confirmable, Or make SAI do more damage, make down+Fierce(in air) Safe on landing.Give him an overhead move that can cancel into SAII.Make it easier to land SAI after hitting standing opponent with forward+fierce.Give him a faster taunt.

Remy- give him more combos and more stun meter.Give him a good(like chun-li) kara throw.Make Lov’s do slightly more damage.Also faster taunt.

That’s not entirely true. There’s a lot people could do to influence character selection that would have an overall positive effect in terms of character-based issues. It’s just that people don’t want to do it, and they’re mostly right in having that stance.

Yes I said I would stay out of this but… quiet.

To the guy above, close MK x sjc into dive kick is already possible.

I really hope you’re joking. I’m not even a serious 3S player and I know that shit.




3rd strike is prob the most balanced game I can think of, maybe 2nd to Super Turbo.

Also standing 360’s are easy as hell, I can do them and I’m a D-pad user. Standing 720’s is another thing.

Ummm…no. 3S is not that balanced. Neither is ST. True balance would be something like GG or VF5.

And yeah, I can never get the standing 720s. Only way I land them is a jump-in, parry, or by buffering them into a poke. :lol: