Bako'ed Tourney - Bakersfield, CA - 8/29 @ 6p

Starting tonight, for one week, the 3S and MVC2 machines at Paladin’s Game Castle are 25 per play.

Paladin’s Game Castle is located at 6300 White Lane, Suite B, Bakersfield, CA 93309 (click for mapquest).

On Saturday, August 29th, starting at 6p, we will be holding a tournament for both games.

Entry fees are $5 per game, with payouts at 70, 20, 10 - the house takes nothing from entry fees - and it’s double elimination.

The games will be $.25 per play for the tournament (machine repairs, don’t begrudge me that).

Both games use Sanwa sticks and buttons.

Hope to see you there!


**We are also going to include a SF4 tournament. **

It will be the PS3 version, all characters unlocked, no characters banned.

Same conditions ($5 entry fee, 25 per play, payout schedule) as the other two games.

Use of gamebreaking glitches, or interrupting the match during SF4, will result in disqualification; otherwise, no holds barred.