Backdash Cancel Tutorial

Since most of you are probably using a TE with a Japanese stick or equivalent, this should be helpful for beginners like me :stuck_out_tongue:

By BlackPriest1984 on YouTube

Some more tips from Aris:
KBD from 1P side by Aris

KBD from 2P side by Aris

mind if i toss this in the Tutorial Vid thread?

Do it.

I was determined to use pad for this game, but after a couple days of playing I was quickly reminded why I stopped using pad… my thumb literally cannot take the wear and tear of using the d-pad anymore. It is painful.

Sooooooooooo yup I’ll be learning this over the next few weeks.

EDIT: Then I went back to pad and figured out how to not make my thumb hurt so bad lol.

Refreshed with Aris’ links

Yeah join me and my Guile partner for SFxT we play this alot and been neglicting the other game alot. What little I knew about Guile its like “Derp, I forgot everything. Flash-ah I’m dead”

Any unique tricks to learning BDC other than watch the vid and a lot of practice?

I am starting to get more serious about Tekken and I need to build foundation for this skill asap. As of right now the motion feels very awkward and I get a lot of sidesteps.

What method would you guys say is the best for BDC? I know of 3 different ones. (tap BB then tap d/b) (tap bb then roll the stick from BB to d/b) ( tap bb then roll the stick from back to d/b to neutral to back over and over)

Needed this. Anyone have a way to judge your BDC skill level? Like some record I can set in training mode that gets punished if I BDC poorly but escape if done fast?

Gotdamn, this is hard to do. It’s gonna take me a long time to get this down.

right now im doing the BB,D/B method and my character will usually just gyrate in one spot or do a whole BD with no cancel.

Starting to get the feeling, will only improve with the time.

I’m using pad (hori fight pad) and I am starting to get the feeling for it, but I am still slow as hell and can’t do it consistently.

Set your dummy on auto attack fast interval, and if your doing it well you’ll be able to stay out of range consistently