Backdash cancel on TE stick? TEKKEN

I am having problems with backdash cancelling in tekken, it’s just way too slow, should the ball-top be closer to the stick i.e making the shaft shorter or is it just me? It’s the only reason why I play pad on tekken, because I can bd/ss so much more fluid then on the stick

While this example may not be on a balltop stick the principle remains the same. Just watch and take note of the hand motion, and above all else, practice. Here is the link, [media=youtube]RpAVJ2dvN60[/media]. Good luck.

Would I bdc faster if I made my stick’s shaft shorter?

Not really imo, you may notice in the vid, Murakumo was demonstrating backdash cancel with a bat top, and the shaft of a bat top is longer than that of the balltop TE joystick. Just work on your execution and be patient, you’ll see results eventually.

If you need to reach the edges and return to neutral faster (making your Forward Forward or Back Back inputs faster), you can try replacing the stick in your TE with a Seimitsu. They have shorter throws and stiffer springs. You may be able to get the effect by just replacing the spring with a stiffer one or adding a second spring onto the stick in tandem with the first. The stick used in the video is a Myungshin Fanta, which don’t fit into TEs.

But chances are you just need to practice.

unfortunately, it’s going to take a bunch of practice.