Back jump throw - does it ever work?

I’ve never gotten Nash’s back jump throw to work. Is there a specific situation when I should I use it?

Bison V-trigger EX stomp can be countered on reaction with a back air throw if they are using predictable mixup patterns.

That’s it? I would have thought I would at least be able to use it against jump-ins like in SFIV.

you can use it vs crossups

Do you have a video showcasing this?

If you want to use it against cross-ups you need to predict and react. If you are doing it entirely based on reaction it wont work. Since it has a bit of startup and you are moving towards the opponent upward , which means even lesser time between ur air throw and the cross up normal.

Back jumping attacks usually work much better than normal attacks in air to air situations (j.HP for example). That being said, Charlie’s Steel Air can sometimes behave as an equivalent to a back jump Air Jack.

Here is a practical situation that demonstrates what I mean by this.

Arguably, one of Charlie’s best ground V-Trigger combos at mid to long range is:

EX Sonicboom > Sonic Move (V_trigger) > st.LP > (Boom Hits), cr.HP > st.MP > h.SS.

After conditioning an opponent to jump forward to evade this string, you can switch to:

EX Sonicboom > Steel Air (V-Trigger) OR Blitz Air (V-Trigger) > Air Jack.

infiltration did it today and grapped someone out of a tatus.