"back in the MIA" SF4 Tournament on JUNE 7TH -Miami/Hialeah Fl

Let me start off by apologizing about our last tourney and not being able to post the videos.It was a shame because of the nasty SF4 players that attended.The good news is that I already bought a tripod and now have a digital camera with a larger memory card so I can record as much as possible.I was also able to fix the microphone so were going to have commentary by my co-worker.Hopefully with alot of experimentation we can end with a Sanchez from SoCal lol.With that said, lets get to the tournament:


The Pool Depot ( in the same plaza with Flanigan’s)

1550 W 84th Street

Hialeah, Fl 33014


UPDATED Sunday- 6/7/09

Registration opens at 4:00pm(Casuals) - Either call 786-436-7273 or show up the day of.

Tournament starts At 6:00pm

Rules: Tournament to be played on the 360
-Winners and Losers Bracket
-Double Elimination
-Best 2/3
-Bring your own control
-All characters are welcome


  • 1st place 70%
  • 2nd place 20%
  • 3rd place 10%

-10$ tournament fee and it all goes towards pot.(no entrance fee for this one either)
-Free food (maybe tuscani pasta from pizza hut this time lol)

Hope to see you guys back and to the ones that didn’t show: get the fuck over here!:lovin:

P.S Its not a pool hall and post up if your coming so I can know how many people are gonna be munching.

Looks good. I’ll probably be there.

Sounds awesome. There is a big tourny Saturday the 30th in Orlando. Even if I can make it to Orlando(I get back from Jamaica Thursday so I may be to broke for that) I will still be back for this on Sunday.

So I will be at this 100% =)

What system is this on…?

Shit bad timmimg most of MIAMI and Broward are going to be in orlando for a huge tourny

Are we allowed to go and spectate for free?

PS3 or Xbox Version

Ill b up in Orlando 4 that tourny but i might b able to get back in time 4 this… if i do, im sure ill b there with like 3-4 other ppl

This will be on 360 most likly. Like it was before.

If money permits Ill be able to attend both Orlandos and this one. if not then ill just be at this one -_-

Wow talk about bad timing i hope i can make it be ill be in orlando for that weekend.

damn son…this one is close to home!..Im going to really try and make it…

I mean im an awful player and I dont know match ups…but whatever…id like to experience a tourney scene for the first time…

Im gonna come in there with my SF TE stick and look all badass…and then get wrecked like bitch lol…but I wanna see some matches son!

Well If majority decides we can do it a week later( June 7th).Didn’t realize most of you guys are making the trip up to Orlando.Go represent… then we can do it the following Sunday.

on the 360.

I’d be down since it’s close to my place. Is the place a store or something? All I see on Google Maps is a gas station. :rofl:

May 31st or the 7th is good with me.

My wife and I are both going to show up.

I’ll be there. Bring some peeps with me.

I’m definitely going

Have to practice but it will be fun anyways, either way this one is way to close to miss out on

im there for sure

I’m down

So can i come and just watch and hang out. I won’t even get food i’m out of work so i can’t afford to enter and pay $10.

yeah your good.Come over and play some casuals.