"back in the MIA" results MIAMI,FLORIDA! w/ Videos

Street fighter 4

1 Peter Susini (C.Viper) - Congratulations bro, you stayed consistent through out.Well deserved.
**2 Richel Hernandez ** (Sagat)
3 Joseph Gray (Ryu,Balrog,Rufus)
4 Evelio Feito (Rog)
5 Scotty koltun (Fei-Long)
5 Michael Crespo
7 Victor Batista
7 Andrew Q
9 Joseph Gorria
9 Lexy Feito
9 Chris P
9 Junior Valdez
13 Henry R
13 Manny Art
13 Art Bellos
13 Paul Chavez
17 Albert Fernandez

Check out some of the videos here:

Thanks to everyone who attended.Once again, all these fuckers are possessed and some should really consider going to evo.Hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Leave some comments. Fellas, thanks again and hope to see you in upcoming tournies.

Great tourney and yeah, miguel as commentator was pretty funny.

Damn son, I’m amazing, Flash Hemroid got lucky that I let him win this one just to brag.

GS pete.

Lets go PETER Good shit on 1st

good shit skeeter