Back For More Blood Tournament

Alright it’s time for another MvC2 tournament. This time we’re not banning anyone so it’s time to step your game up. Play the best to be the best!!!

Back for more blood tournament

Date Feb 10, 2007


Chinatown Fair, 8 Mott st. New York, NY


Sign up @ 5pm, tournament starts 5:30-6:00pm


$10 If your on time $12 if your late NO EXCEPTIONS

The usual rules, no game breaking glitches allowed.

Go go power rangers!!!

This weekend?

when is this tourney?

It’s on the 17th of Feb.

The Bape Thespian will be there. Erik MM?

same weekend as mwc… <arturo>dissssss</arturo>

theres a typo in your av

that i in damian should be an o

hows your gf ^^

wait wait do u spell fag deus or is it deuse? … we’re just dandy console warrior :stuck_out_tongue:

i love how i thought this was a philly tourney, thanks for giving some direction in the thread title erik. i can always count on everything being half ass when it comes to you:lovin: :lovin:

im there

I can do CvS2.


$5 entry
2/3 winners - 1 Game losers
50 cents pay/play
RC allowed etc
Signups are whenever I start to see people, probably around 3.
Start will be probably 4:30 - 5 ish because the game is slow and I don’t think anyone wants to be there until midnight.


Lol I Hope u recovered from that asswhippin desmond gave u:looney: .

ok fuck it gimme all the remix’s, chaos night wolfs J360s, george iron guys and toss desmond @ the end of my bracket and ill see u in the finals:lovin:


good luck there guy:arazz:

dont forget the game’s in the world…


thats from the midwest challenge 5 thread on… guess what? dun dun dun…the same day as this lol looks like someone double booked. wonder where erik will show up to.

Yeah, I was wondering. It should be before MWC, it sucks that it’s on the same day because since I’m going to midwest I’ll have to miss it! So will a couple of guys I guess. But, we’ll meet again guys…