Back again after a long time

Hi guys. I thought I’d introduce myself again, I was a member a while back but I couldn’t remember my details so I created a new account. I haven’t touched a fighting game in a long time, but I seen a post on Twitter saying SFIV was backwards compatible. My nostalgia got the best of me and I downloaded it straight away. I fad fun looking through my old stats and came across my last championship replay dated October 2010!! Man I grinded crazy hours into this and SSFIV and it felt good to be back, so much so I’m debating whether to buy a PS4 so I can play SFV!
I used to be a member of The Street Fighter forums but once it ended i slowly came away from fighting games and gaming in general. Anyway, my Gamertag is Marty Bogroll if anyone is interested in time games.

Welcome back dude!

Do it! I bought a PS4 solely for SFV and it was worth it for me.

2 things are stopping me. SFV looks a lot slower than earlier games, but that could just be me. And I don’t see Gen anywhere!!

Yeah, I think Gen is a long shot, but don’t believe the hater hype. SFV is a fine game. I think it’s probably a little faster than SF4.

I might just take the plunge and buy it, understandably there’s not big numbers playing SF4 and it’s hard to find matches at times. I also use Guile so it’s not ALL bad lol

Sup dude, got the classic arm around a bro av. I like your style.

I’d recommend PC over PS4, the PS4 wifi adapter makes a lot of it’s playerbase have iffy connections, you can streamline your matches to PC only on the PC, and get much better games online. Game also runs smoother and looks prettier if you have a good PC of course, and the mods have been fantastic so far.

Gen doesn’t really have a replacement character in the game yet either, but if you want someone weird and funky to play with Kolin is super unique. Hope to see you more around the forums.

Do it, get a PS4 and a tournament legal monitor and either find your local scene or if there isn’t one, start one.

Jump in man.

Typically I am not a fan of the PS4. But it is what the tournament scene uses. I had to pick one up for all the fighting games I play. Worked out to be really worth it though. I have my Xbone and PS4 next to each other and since getting all the games I play on the Xbone on the PS4 as well, bar KI of course, it is so easy and fast to get games. I have both looking for online matches and which ever one gets the game first I take, then cancel the search on the other system. It’s also really cool to have he two different communities. I definitely find the Xbone players and PS4 players have very different styles.

Next for me is a new monitor.