Baby mama drama C.Viper

So I need tips on fighting c.viper?what’s the match anybody?

Pretty sure it’s in Yang’s favor. With vipers damage nerf she doesn’t hit -as- hard, but with yang’s hp it’s still rough to mess up.

You’ve got a couple unblockable [almost certain they are] setups on her that are DP safe, so you can abuse that.
Forward throw -> dash forward, jump upforward slight delay -> mk divekick

After mk rolling kick ender, just hold up forward and rh divekick immediately. If they teched they get hit, if not you’re back in anyway. Low forward on her wakeup goes on under wakeup DP, should recover in time to block wakeup flame kick, but seems to lose to wakeup EX seismo. She can’t really do shit about slash pressure since she’s so slow, and if you do something like slash -> low forward, she’s gotta either burn bar for EX seismo to tag you, or risk a flame kick.

Just attack for a while and then stop, see how they react and what they use. That’s basically it. Defending viper is all on the player themselves, but at least you have EX teleport to get out.

iunno about all this, i prefer to just lose and bitch that shes op.