B. Orchid Players

Hey guys. My name is T00LMAN of team ERGZ. I recently picked up Orchid and wanted to meet other Orchid players so this is a good way for everyone to get to know each other. It’ll work like this. Everyone will enter their info as listed below so that ppl can link up with one another or just know who they are.

Skill Level:
Other FGs:

I’ll do my information first.

Gamertag: T00LMAN211 (ERGZ|T00LMAN)
Characters: Orchid(main), Jago(secondary), Kim Wu(Eventually)
Skill Level: Average - Above Average
Region: Queens, New York
Goals:I’d like to have one of the better Orchids in United States (or at least East Coast). I know it’ll be alot of work but I am up for anything :slight_smile:
Other FGs: SFAE2012, SCV, GGAC+R

Many of of have our gamertags on our sigs.

Its not just for gamertags. Its a means of “breaking the ice” for newer members. Alot of character forums tend to have this.

GT: Princemurphy .I’ve been playing her a ton. Some good Orchid players are also in my stream chat. Twitch.tv/bmurphy88

Gamertag: captainhdash
Characters: Orchid
Skill Level: Scrubbbb
Region: SE Michigan (Midwest)

I’d love to get some exhibition matches going to learn a few things.

Gamer tag: MR CR0FT (that’s a zero)
Characters orchid
Skill level: average (in this game) above average in everything else
Region: north east (mass)

Gamertag: iL Rell
Characters: Orchid, Jago
Skill Level: Average
Region: Maryland (East)
Goals: Get to play at some events.
Other FGs: UMvC3

Gamertag: Kreative Mente
Characters: Orchid (Main), Thunder (Secondary), Spinal (Isnt Everyone??)
Skill Level: 7/10 (Orchid), 6/10 (Thunder), Learning Spinal
Region: Queens NY
Goals: To have an All Manual Orchid
Other FGs: Marvel (Not much since Xbox One Release)

Add me on XB then. Im in the same area.


Gamertag: darkveteran07
Characters: orchid(main),spinal,cinder(hopefully)
Skill Level: above average
Goals: compete in events
Other FGs:UMVC3,SFIV,KOF13,Persona4arena,SFthirdstrike

I main Orchid on KI1, technically I guess I main her in KI3, except that I’ve stopped playing anything other than KI1 1.4.