B.mk into yoga flame bnb help

Hi, i’ve been playing dhalsim for a while now on the controlled and finally decided to get a stick.

However, i’m having a lot of trouble with the bnb --> IAT, b.HP, b.mk, yoga flame

for some reason the yoga flame always whiffs

I have no issue connecting b.mk into yoga flame alone on the ground

any help is appreciated

Timing change depending of the height of the IAT if the yoga flame always whiffs you have to do it a slightly faster. A deep b.mk and a far b.mk will have different timing of yoga flame.

i’m having the same issue

i notice that IAT-> b.HP -> b.mk -> yoga flame flame always whiffs when i’m mid screen-ish,
but if i’m standing far screen and i do the bnb it works fine because IAT puts me closer to the opponent so that flame doesn’t whiff after b.mk

  1. should this bnb work from any distance?

  2. I asked for help elsewhere and was recommended that I do IAT -> HP -> b.HP (one hit) -> flame instead. Is this a better option?

  3. If it’s not, any tips on the timing for the original IAT -> b.HP -> b.mk -> flame? I couldn’t entirely make out what the previous poster said. You have to do the flame faster? or IAT?


Are you practicing on ryu? Don’t practice on ryu. His hit box fucks this combo up all the time.

that helped a lot

is it supposed to work on ryu though?

Yes but it helps on crouching. When he’s standing his hitbox allows him to block the flame, sometimes. If you’re just practicing the timing in practice mode just pick anyone else. In a real match and you land a IAT j.hp just go for the link to super once you land.