B e e f

you know what this thread is for.

use it. or don’t.


my beef…

is with mashers. and corporations.

you suck.

Capcom too?


nicely played…


I got beef with SF4 Zangief lariat.

lariaaaat. **** SF4


  1. People who don’t know about THAT THUNDERDOME

  2. Takin’ my fight money.

  3. The Third Layer of Yomi.

  4. Mirror matches.

  5. Whiffing synchronized clap/ay ay ay attempts.

  6. Women who need to LEARN TO BLOCK

  7. Riki-Oh sliding.

  8. MAS sticks.


  1. Button tax.

  2. Getting a real match.


LMAO good one!

my current beef:

x-arcade sticks.

I got beef with whoever started spreading this shit around [media=youtube]uTAAYfGs2ZQ[/media]

I’m pretty sure it was RouletteDares, fuck that guy.

OMG why did you just post that. I can never un listen to that shit. FUCK.

EDIT: the WORST part is that I can totally see that shit possibly taking off. Its got the lil wayne auto tun ebullshit, mindless “party” lyrics and techno beats backing it…LSKDJf;laskjdf

I have BEEF with this song.

Why does that song bother you guys that much? Yeah it’s horrible but that’s the new thing right now. Nerdy white kids making some hip-hop shit. These guys are just so hot topic that they throw screamo into it. It’s just as bad as popular hip-hop today if you ask me, the screamo element just makes it extra funny.

You’re welcome.

It’s not something that was fair for me to experience alone.

i guess not so much the fact that the song exists, just the fact that it has some true fans…instead of people just laughing at it. garr.

You guys are just too far out of high school to remember what kind of music the general population listens to. You just gotta get over it, people like the worst shit you can ever imagine. The 00s as a decade don’t even have a name like the 80s and 70s because the music was THAT bad.

Anyway, @OP, who are you?


  1. people who join the bandwagon of specific arcade parts being better, but then when asked why they prefer it they have no answer.
  2. TvC not being released in america already.
  3. guile always being nerfed.
  4. supers that shouldn’t require a set-up but do.
  5. people who bail from online matches because they are losing.
  6. sf4 with standard xbox360 controllers. the horror the horrrooorrrr

While that is annoying, I would rather hate Guile nerfed, then hate Guile buffed. Guile can make you hate the game if he is too strong. I think they errored on the side of caution.

I think certain characters (Guile and Vega i’m looking at you), because of their fundementals, are always either going to be trash or godlike depending on the game, they’ll never be in the middle.


what… i have one too… the solo one… i guess i can understand but man i got tones of wins and play some great players with it… and plus i just order new real Happ parts for it…