AZ championships results

1st. Ruelz “Rooooooooooooooooooooooin” Santana
2nd. Deuce “dooooooooooooooooooooooose” McNasty
3rd. Vegas probably

1st. Albert: Pigadouken
3rd. ???

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
1st. Ruelz Santana aka the top of the food chain aka best rapper alive aka diplomat records what’s really good?

2nd. Bill “Skeet in your face for fun” hellman

3rd. Joe “mad rhymes in yo ear trizznatch” Something

4th. Albert “Pidadouken” Nizzle

5th. Phat “The Rillest Iron Man in Cali” Toi

wish i woulda gone, heard it was fun as hell, good job to everyone. Ruin is officially a batch.

word on the street, ruin can Ban Japanegro on aim, but not life, what up sucka?

ruin’s clotching line: Click Me

bid da sh*t:lol:

ruelz dip dip


1 Ruin - GGXX shirt, Red Octane Stixs, 60% of Pot
2 Deuce - Case of BAWLS, 30% of Pot
3 Peter - 10% of Pot
4 Dan


1 pigadoken - 60% of Pot
2 peter - 30% of Pot
3 dan lite - 10% of Pot
4 deus


1 ruin- MVC2 t-Shirt
2 bill - 60% of Pot
3 joe - 10% of Pot
4 pigadoken

Full results on GS except ppl that didn’t register. Ruin was a beast owning up everyone except cvs2 =P

Deuce and Deus got fucked up drinking my bawls.

Everyone in cali and vegas where awesome. Everyone was cool and respectful. Thx for coming down and support AZ and GameScrubs.


Rafffffffffff! i finally got home thx again for throwing this had a fucking blast! =) you gotta come down to vegas bro it be hype we can shit talk people in spanish. Thx to everyone in az and good to see all the cali/az homies!

Check out GameScrubs to see Ruin as Scrub of Tha month. You guys where awesome. And I’ll head down there, if you guys have a tournament.


good game bawls.

Phat Toi’s really gettin’ some exposure now…

it’s the home of 9/11
the place of the lost towers
we still banging
we never lost power
tell em
welcome to new york city

taliban all day
lets do it man

toi’s been the rillest since combia…

what a happy rider
a young harry potter
without the acks or oscars
this is just facts and problems

i’m not nyquil, but i can put you to sleep
take out your girl and have her eating my skeet

Shit i was born REAL, and the Phat Toi tattoo on my left arm aint really a tatto, shit is a birthmark

peace ~1~

ahahaaha god damn, that is pretty fuckin real


if you know the movement, then you know the motion

so for mvc2… 2nd place got 60% of the pot but all first got was a t-shirt? … :confused: i would’ve lost those finals on purpose, lol

get my money under the table
put the gun under the table
one in your navel

hahaha yea it was dirty i got first just for nothing =(~