Ayit the character idea who is Sagat's brother from Egypt

Ayit is the name of Sagat’s brother from Egypt. a Character idea i had who has handcuffs like Guile and Cody and a counter hit fireball and he also does Muay Thai. What do you think Capcom?

This has to be the most stupid idea I’ve read in a while.
Let alone that this couldn’t even be considerd a half character, let alone a fourth.

How is this egyptian brother related to Sagat?
How fights he different from him?
Why is he in handcuffs?
Move ideas?
Leans toward what gameplay?
What archtype is he?
How does the ugly hobbo even look?

At least bring ideas to the table, when you make such an idea.

cipher i haven’t much given it that much thought i believe he needs to not be like fucking sagat he’s like craig marduk and paul phoenix mixed together.

Lincoln needs to be the person who travels with ayit to meet Sagat from Japan to THAILAND from Cairo!

he is his chaeuffer! with the handcuffs my man!