- May 10th 2008 CvS2/MvC2/3S Full Results

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a blast!
Stay tuned and check our website for future tournaments!


Videos (Updated Daily…we have a lot of good footage to go through!)

my name is spelled wrong, its not Npautavi, its npartovi.

also this was a good ass tourney.can we expect another one sometime soon.

ks2 looking mad strong in the results for cvs2 and threez… DOMINATION :tup:

dudes better be on the look out for that maahvel phenom known as ChoiBoy

D.4.D.I. and LeOZY!!!

buktooh = Buktooth
Albert = Albert_C

and ChoiBoy should be ChoiMan. :slight_smile:

good shit chunk and crizzle!!!

Tourney was hella fun. Let Blood Run stomped me in my first game and I had a close one w/ Hadoknz. Let’s get another competition going real soon.

i taught choi everything he knows in marvel.

Disappointing as hell Sebastian and Neiman.

I beat Eric “Leezy” Lee in tourney.


JK Eric, You are the K-Groove Bomb! I brag because I know it will never happen again…


chunk gettin that money and axis stick lol good shit

lol patmobsta

Wow those sticks look nice.

More Videos Will be up soon, Marvel Grand Finals uploading as we speak!

Pleaaaaaaaaase! Have another one ASAP! You dont have to give out a stick or anything, just do another one! lol

Ya man, I had to miss this :frowning: Have another1!


<- scrub. My throw techs get turned off whenever I have to play Uriens.

good shit ryan, kin3tix, hotdog, and all placers. and especially Leozy.

Hey Travis, I’m just wondering. Are you guy’s planning on running another one and if so do you know when??? Everyone is waiting for the next one sooooooo bad!! lol