Awesomenauts SRK unite!

You knew this was coming, post up your handle I’ll try to keep OP updated so we can not worry about randoms fucking it up for us.

Hyperboel isn’t needed, just check out the demo and see if it’s for you. I have no interest or knowledge of DOTA a game reviewers have been comparing it to, but it’s really fun so far I hope this isn’t a flash in the pan like Monday Night Combat and that the online scene sticks around. Great way to start off my bday:tup:


Staying alive is much more important than getting kills!

SPTwhte=Spooty Whiteboy

Arkkai SRK=Arkkai
Joshkaz=Carpet Muffin
Sanger Zonvolt=Sanger_Zonvolt


I’ve got it on PSN.

PSN = SPTwhte

In my experience, it is almost always better to level up one attack completely then it is to level up a couple attacks partially.

IGN gave it a 70 because the unlockable characters are flat out better then the 3 starters…any truth to this? lol

IGN is an ugly whore.

It needs bags of money to cover its face.

I am floating, with my eyes closed, with no sails. I am soaking, I am weathered, by the winter of mixed drinks.

PSN: Regschall,

auto dled for me, played it quickly, ill keep it if srk bruvs will play.

Clone Army is such a cheap tactic. I’ve been abusing it over the past 5 games. First game my friend and I dropped into was against three Prestige players (one was prestige two, while the other two were prestige one). They clearly were a team, because the team that we joined was all bots prior to us being there. So, the opposing team had already destroyed one of our turrets and was working on the destroying the one closest to our base (their turrets had little to no damage at the time). So, we ganked them, then Clone Army’d through both of their turrets before they were able to get back to the game. We killed them again as the clones were busting their base, then we took the win. I bet they were super pissed…lol.

Clone Army = Leon+Clone+Clone Attack+Clone Walk. Next Leon levels his sword damage (this upgrades the clone’s damage as well). The other player uses Voltar and continues to heal the clones so that they won’t die. I go for the Attack Droid upgrades on Voltar to help with killing the opposing team. You end up with a turret destroying clone army (and each one does the same damage as Leon does).

EDIT: Later we used this tactic to beat a team in my fastest game yet. Each side had one bot. We won in 3:38.

The answer is: no. There are 6 characters in total, you start with three of them and you have to unlock three of them. The first one unlocks at account level 3, which literally takes one match (maybe two if you don’t do well). Yuri is the last unlockable character, at account level 11, and most people consider him to be the worst character. So, the only character they could have any issue with his Voltar, the medic. Voltar is completely boss, but that’s because he is the only medic.

P.S. Yuri doesn’t suck, he is just an assist character. He doesn’t get many kills, but he is awesome area denial. Since that is his role, he is very hard for new players to use.

Also, Ronimo said on their forums that they have a few almost complete characters that they want to get out as soon as possible. They just have to work on the balance.

Toddler and I played for like four hours today, him rocking Yuri and I had Voltar. I think we lost once? Lol, ally if there ever was one was mainly a liability.

I mainly min/maxed early on to build late game. Pop the piggy bank and grab the $ building item plus drones. Farm, go back grab super damage item for drones and max them out, picking up the more $ beam somwhere between.

Just rape face really.

I’m so pissed off at Awesomenauts right now. I’ve been on a hell of a winning streak (30 something matches), and it has been shooting me up the Ranks. So, my friend and I join a game and everything is cool right up until we drop from the ship. The moment we dropped from the ship we both get a disconnection message. So, I go and check my rank and what happened? It counted it as a loss (apparently against a very low ranked guy), and I went from Rank 33 to Rank 68. My friend went from Rank 102 to Rank 225. Bullshit.

On to other things. What is everyone’s fastest game against real opponents (at least 2 out of 3 opposing players were human). My current record is 3:29, and I have had a handful of matches that were under the 4 minute mark.

I havent played an online match yet. Its pretty dope and im hoping I can get The Wife to play it with me sometime.

About the same, 3:30ish area. They apparently have no idea what a map is and we just barreled through two turrets and destroyed the home base while they were messing around with our AI partner at the first turret.

I’m like rank 500 something and just hit Prestige one, seems more hardcore Awesomenauters are on 360 since the forums I am reading have people already on 4th fucking prestiges, how the fuck lol.

Voltar/Lonestar for life…at least until the Slug who gives no fucks drops.

this game is boss

I think leon has the best loading music it is french gdlk

Damn right he does!
Give me your money, give me your cheese, I give you my love!

I play random select and only change occasionally when I get Yuri. :lol: (I haven’t spent much time with him, but he didn’t ‘click’ with me immediately).
Only level 18 - been trying not to play because I’m waiting on some real life friends to get the game, but it’s pretty hard because the game is addicting.

PSN: Immak

This is highly debatable. While Voltar is, as far as I’m concerned, the best overall character in the game, I personally think Clunk and Lonestar are amazing as well (especially with improved lifestealing.)

In either case, to knock it because unlockable characters (that you can get offline) are better than the starting characters is absolutely retarded. It seriously takes about an hour of play to unlock all the characters, unless you just absolutely suck.

A few questions for you guys:

What got you all so hooked so fast into this new game?

Do you all feel that the lack of aiming with the right analog stick hurts the game?

Who’s your favorite character look wise (I love the three eyed brain guy. I’m a sucker for brains)?

If this game ever comes to PC will all of you guys pick it up so we can all play together?

What snack to eat while playing Awesomenauts? Fruit Snacks or Fruit Cereal

Im not really hooked on it, but I think its fun.

Im pretty sure I aim with the right analog stick…

Ive only used Lonestar and the Frog. So Im unsure on this one.

I would prefer this on PC. If/when it comes to PC I will probably buy it again.

I do not snack while playing games.

I’ve always like the concept of dota but not the execution, and 2d platformers are like crack to me

depending on the guy they can aim with the stickfosho


honestly I might get it on ps3 as well sometime, def on pc

dem yogurt dipped fruitsnacks

You can aim with the left stick. He asked about aiming with the right stick. Apparently, there have been quite a few complaints that the game should have played like a twin-stick shooter.

And no, I don’t think it hurts the game. It makes it so you can only shoot in the direction your are moving (or up/down+that directly). This means that when you are running away, you can’t just shoot at the person who is chasing you. It forces you to be honest about your retreats.

Except for Voltar, of course. When retreating with Lonestar, I love to bounce his dynamites off of walls/ceilings as well.

Got this game late last night and the only game I could find was the same one with this guy on the other team and four bots. :frowning:

I dunno, it’s fun and enjoyable?

No I don’t, considering jumping and abilities are tied to face buttons it would be mad akwards, I have no problems hopping around shooting fools.

Clunk as a mohawk, so that’s cool I guess…weird question dude.

Fuck no since my PC sucks, and after being abandoned by a fair few games for PC space I’d probably never buy a similar game on console again. I miss MNC.

I was actually munching on real fruit, so there you go.

I only wish there was more audio clips.
The one’s already in are hilarious.
Plus the intro song is fucking catchy.