Avatar Request

I registered on Srk several years ago by the name of ‘Shinraven’. With the release of Marvel online I came up with a new name of ‘Romneto’ and have developed quite a following on Youtube. I would like an avatar that fits that name.

So I would like the avatar to feature only Magneto. I have a video reference that I would like the image to be extracted from:

[media=youtube]zHoc1TlGFY8[/media] (anywhere from 0:26 - 0:32)

I really like that Black/Red Magneto I made for the DC custom MvC2 and that is why I want it to be used for the avatar. During that time he is doing the Rom Infinite and that is the Infinite that inspired me to think up my new name.

It would also be cool if computerized type letters would show up horizontally across the top of the avatar that say ‘Romneto’. Then on another part of the avatar (maybe to the right of the Magneto doing the combo in the video) it would say ‘Rom for all eternity’.

A grid type background (like that of the training mode on MvC2) would be preferable. I also have a video of Magneto doing the Rom in training mode (if that would help):


Let me know if you need anything else to make this avatar.

Thank you to anyone who is willing to help :tup:

Would anyone help me out here?

If its not in a request thread, it might take more than one day. Its all good. Someone will get to it.



This would look so much nicer with prem.

Here’s an attempt:d:


Good stuff!

Thanks for helping me out, man :tup:

I like the way the video clip turned out. Would you be willing to change the font for ‘Romneto’ and ‘Rom for Eternity’ to thinner more edgy type font. Perhaps Georgia or Cambria. Would it be possible to put a black border (or outline) around the ‘Romneto’ and ‘Rom for Eternity’?

Also, as a small backdrop behind ‘Rom for Eternity’ could you put a small picture of Magneto’s face or maybe MSP? If the space/file size requirements prohibit this then I understand.

Whatever you can do is much appreciated. You have already helped me out a lot. I think I will buy Premium within the next couple weeks. Let me Know if any kind of a image can be placed behind that text.

Thanks again :tup:


Wow that is really impressive. I like the image you chose and the font is perfect! Thanks for all your help, it means a lot to me.

When I buy Premium, would you like to make me an avatar that works for that size format?

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I’d be down to make a prem one.