Avatar Request

Could anyone make me a AV of Guile, Ken, and Bison with a K groove bar? Oh yeah, use the CvS2 sprites please :slight_smile: Otherwise, its up to you guys to pick color scheme and whatnot, go wild :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll take it, but i’ll leave it open for others to make as well. hellmut??? if you want, you can make one too, then eddymasta can decide… it’s up to you

Bumping tot he maxor like what

oh wow, i completely forgot about this. i’m writing a paper right now, but when i get back to my own time (about 2 hours from now), i’ll hook the avatar up.

hi! hmm… if u have the time would u make me an avatar too? no stress ! make it whenever u want! it would be very nice!

my team is iori,morrigan chun!! and it should be sexy because of morrigan and chun! :wink:

thx anyway!!!

make a new thread. don’t ask for shit in somebody else’s thread

oh i’m sorry :xeye:


here’s yo avatar

Thank you sir :stuck_out_tongue: