Avatar - [ Request ]

Hey guys.

I’m just wondering if anyone could make me a Prem sized avatar using this image;

Basically, i’d like the farthest left character used.


I’m looking to make it a still image avatar, so no animated sequences, or whatever.

Maybe like the avatar I have currently, where it cuts off at around chest - shoulder level (don’t really know how to describe it.

Hm… If the background could be transparent, and maybe have my username “Yummy”, somewhere (preferably in a corner somewhere).

You can space him wherever you feel appropriate.

I think that’s about it.

Anyways, thanks to whoever feels up to doing this, :]

Here’s an attempt:


:pleased: Let me know what you think.


IS the image too small to work with?

I guess I kind of want the image to be the size of my current avatar.

Would that be possible?

Any AV Pros Wanna Help Me Out?

Yummy AV take 2&3:
I think I just can’t handle this request :sweat: I can’t get the render to look clean enough. I’m sure one of the pros could do your request justice. Sorry to use up your time.

edit: I sent up the sas-signal and sasmasta came to the rescue and with his help I came up with this :d:


Satisfactory? :confused:

heres my shot:

I gave it a try.


Wow, thanks a lot guys!

Even though their all awesome, I think i’m going to have to go with Sas / Savaii64’s effort.

Again, I appreciate it!

awww. i feel like i lost or something. bummer:sad:

Haha, nooo!

Don’t feel that way.

Remember, I can only use one …

If I could use them all, I would!