Avatar Request!

Hey could someone make me an animated avatar of the gif I have attached? Just crop out the bottom part and leave the top part with the shaking arm. And it’d be real cool if you could add a real dark background and my name in the top left corner. I’ll give you props and hj/bj.

I did a half-assed job in paint making a basic layout. The colors aren’t necessarily what I want. I’m just giving you an idea. Thanks baby.

If you like it and want any changes just ask.

That’s sweet! Could you make one with a dark blue background and font. And do you have a flashier font? Thanks again !

Tight thanks for the av’s!

Well here’s my updated version.

Can You make me one with Rock Howard and Terry or just some with Joe Higashi

Oh shit thanks again unstopable E and Snaaaake! I’ll be sure to rotate between the avs and give you guys your props! =D