Avatar Request

Somebody hook mehhh up.

Use an odd character from a game i play!!!

Ok, I’d like one featuring Makoto, preferably animated, doing the last bit of her SA1 (where the wind starts blowing as her fist’s in the air) and incorporating this pic somewhere. Obviously not all of it, perhaps just her face and outstretched arm section, making up the background of the av.

I don’t want my name to be on it as I will probably use it on different forums as well, where my name isn’t Kataki.


please, request it in my av request thread… not my request thread… but yeah, i’ll do it

I thought this was you av thread. I thought you were saying “ask me to do a rare character from a game I play.” :xeye:

Oh well, thanks anyway. :tup:

na, i’ll do the request. that’s not a problem.

bump… somebody make me an avvy please? i don’t like making my own! :slight_smile: pleasee!!!

“i’ll suck yo dick meng”

“what u say to me???”

j/k… i’m so gay…

Here ya go dude, i hope ya like it, peace

Fucking SEXAY

yeah np dude,