Avatar Request

Would anyone be willing to make an avatar for me of Magneto doing the Rom Infinite?

This video may be used as a source:

Rom Infinite video

Also, I would like Romneto to be included in the Avatar. A black/red color scheme would be great, but I am open to other color combinations. If it is possible (without being too crowded) it would be great to have ‘Rom for eternity’ somewhere in the avatar.

Thanks in advance!

Me. I’ll try to throw in some interesting effects; gotta get back in touch with the subtler side of PS.

Thank you. I appreciate your help

my avatar got wiped and i need help!! i had urien(black suit) doing a chariot tackle and behind urien, it would say shoulder lean… who can help me out?! many thanks fellow SRKers.

You will have better luck if you make your own thread with your avatar request. That way, people will see your name and respond to you.



Wow thanks, man - that looks awesome! Just one question, is there any way that you can zoom out on the image of the video? Mainly so the characters look smaller and will therefore be perhaps a bit smoother? Also, if possible - can the video be the primary image displayed? It looks very stylish how you made that image to the left of the video, I was just hoping to see mostly the video image. Thanks for everything!