Avatar request

I’ve had this in my head for awhile but I want an avatar of dudley, preferably a bust style(head, upper quadrant of the chest), on the pringles can in place of the normal mustachio’d man. I’ll edit my post later with reference pictures.


This one is a clear shot but kind of bland, maybe a backround would go well with it?

The right can looks about right for what I envisioned but I’m not sure how the placement would look.

I’ll keep looking and update later. Feel free to run with the idea, as lame as it is. I trust the judgement of the avatar vets.

Got bored. :smiley:

Couldn’t get the text to look right. Don’t hafta use em if you dont wanna.






Haha good stuff, I like the AV’s but I’m not sure if many people would get the inference,maybe Hydra632 in one of the corners with pringles as the main text(the font is perfect!) focus?. Good stuff tho, I appreciate it.

Like so?


My bad about the font- its hard finding something legible at that size. Lemme know if you want a different font/anything else changed.

The font is great(you can increase the size of the text for my name, I don’t mind if it overlaps the dudley a bit), the only thing I can think of is to shrink the head and gloves to fit on a can and replace the usual guy, other than that, its awesome. I’ll try and find some more reference photos but you have the dudley aspect of it down exactly how I wanted.

Alright found the perfect one


On the bottom right of the package there is a pic of the pringles mascot holding 3 cans of pringles that would work perfectly in the avatar. Just adjust it according to the dudley theme. Thanks again.



Great, I’ll use that one. Thanks again.

That’s a kickass avatar.