Avatar Request (video clip rip)

can anyone that’s good with gifs make an avatar out of this video clip? :wgrin:
the part what I want starts at 00:18 where he lifts his morpher. or the part where he says henshin! . Also can you put the “Teknik” as the tag on it using some stylish font?

-thanks in advance

bump of hope :sweat:

72 views and nothing? :sad:

:wonder: I doubt that it’ll work in non premium file size limits. If so, it’ll probably look really bad… dood.

can you atleast try? :wgrin: how about at 00:18 where he just lifts. can that work?

:wtf: was that clip


Must be Beetleborgs.

[eats Cheetos]

Yeah…definitely Beetleborgs.

NOO!!, Beetlebords, just ripped the japanese show off, but yea, thats where they got the footage from, the metal heros series. Ironically power rangers did the same thing with Super Sentai, but its was good.

Though the real question is!!

Why don’t the ranger summon the megazord in the beginning of the episode, and step the on #$^$^&#$ monster to begin with.

I looked at it, but as Dood said, those were my concerns, well see in a bit, if no one picks it up.

Beetlebords was good too.


Sorry TeKniK for the thread derailer, but we’re coo’ so I know it’s all good.

“Don’t sweat the TeKniK.”

^ lol you guys are crazy :lol:
hell yeah "Don’t sweat the TeKniK"
it’s from Kamen Rider. Basically it’s the OG of all those shows.
Well I guess this thread can be closed then since it won’t work…

Nah leave it up, sometimes it just takes longer to bake that bread :wink:

ok sure :woot:

close this