Avatar request plzkthkbye

Well, I guess it’s time for that avatar change again. It should be pretty simple, considering I’m not premium anymore, so I gotta limit myself.

Anyways, it will only be 2 pics now. In the first part of the avatar, I want this character:

To be standing over the following bodies (of course, only Chun is actually inanimate. I want the other to stay in their KO position. If someone needs to be spared, Alex may be the first to go):

I also want a background on this, but I get so mental trying to find one. If possible, please add one at your convinience, if not, just leave it in a plain color of sorts.

Then the next pic would just be this one:

With the words “Legend Killer” beneath it.

So how 'bout it? :wink:

wow where did u get that wrestler sprite? looks kewl

k, I’ll take this one.



nice dude

Quiche, you are sex incarnate. :tup:

y45shiro: I have some wrestling sprite rips saved round here. I can’t remember the page where I got it from, but they were certainly well done. :wgrin: