AVATAR REQUEST - New Animated Guile Avatar please!

I’d like a new animated Guile Avatar with my SRK SN on it somewhere.

If it’s animated, cool! If not, it’s all good!

Any takers? :pleased:

here’s some pics…

Here’s some Guile Sprite Animations…zipped…


:sad: :sad: :sad: no takers? :sad: :sad: :sad:

I’ll take this one. I’ll get this to you tonight sometime.

cool! thanx! :clap:

well…hows this?


***sorry it took so long… was out after work and just got in

it’s cool! thanks a bunch! :karate:
it would’ve been great if it was animated, but it’s still cool nonetheless!

i can still animate it… i’ll try and get to it tonight… i dont have to work tomorrow :smiley:

coolio! thanks!!! :tup:

It really looks better as a still… but here is what could fit as animated without looking bad

thanks! it’s kind of like he’s doing repeated sonic booms off of an a-groove custom combo! :tup: