Avatar request: (I have the idea, the rest is up to you)

Type: Animated or not? Up to you.
Text: None required, up to the creativity of the avatar creator
Source Image: Any sources the person can find
Dimensions / File Size: Premium member sized

Request: I’d like to have an avatar of some sort of “Ryu Slowpoke” which could basically be just a slowpoke with Ryu’s headband (maybe his eyebrows?).

From there I leave the rest completely up to you! I don’t like holding anyone back when it comes to artistic expression, so I leave it just with that subject material request. Animated? Not animated? Obviously it’s a comical avatar, so feel free to go with whatever you’d like. The thing is I’ve never really seen a Ryu Slowpoke before so it might take some photoshopping on the part of the person interested. :lol:

If it’s really impressive I am more than willing to pass some small donations of gratitude along. :china:

Thanks for interest!

Nobody up for the challenge? :lol:

Wish I had more time. Gotta do other ones first though :lol: I like the concept.

I’m still waiting up to see if someone takes this idea, I guess it’s hard with almost no source material :sweat: