Avatar Request for the Doc

Sup advanced AV designers…could i get some help??? I would like a dope AV with Donovan…Sagat…and Oro…animation if possible or a transition or so…make sagat african american if you can…and S groove meter if it could be done…thanks!!!


i will give it a try some time, if i get a chance. just other av makers, do it cause there is a 80% chance i wont get to have the time within the day to do it.

up to you if you wanna use…
sorry sho, just got bored and had some time… do yours anyways if you want.


Thanks crow I love it…if anyone else wants to make one please do…having some on the back up to switch out later is always a plus…again thanks everyone.



Thanks Snaaake and The Crow…I now have two dope AV’s I can tag out…thanks again…I know peeps are busy and I appreciate the time u guys took…

 -B. :clap:  :tup:

Poppa doc wtf

I’d hook ya up with one mang…if i had my damn PS workin. But as soon as I do…I’ll make sure to get cha one.