Avatar request, and Roll image aid request

I’m in need of a new avatar. I was told that this is the place to ask for help. I’d like to have an animated av of 3s Chun-Li doing her kicks super on Roll (Mega Man’s sister), and Roll parrying it. Sort of a parody of the widely known Daigo/Wong match. The av doesn’t need to show the character(s) head to toe, and also doesn’t need to show the entire Chun-Li super; 2 or 3 hits/frames is enough to get the joke across.

A collection of Roll sprites can be found here. I got the idea because the frame where she retracts her standing jab (for high parry) and the first frame of her crouching jab (for low parry) have her arm bent at the elbow, and kinda look like 3s parrying frames.

I recognize that this is a somewhat complex request. Any help on this matter would be most appreciated. I know nothing about animated images, so I have no clue how to tackle such a project. If the described av is completely out of the question due to file-size or complexity, please let me know.

Also, I was wondering whether anyone knew of a place where I could get high res images of Roll in all of her outfits from Rockman Rockman (Mega Man Power Up in the U.S.). I’m referring to the images on the character selection screen, not in-game. I’ve looked at Atomic-fire.com, but they have images of everyone BUT Roll. I’ve got Roll themed art for all of my arcade sticks, and have been looking to make another one. I thought that it’d be nice to have a mix of her in all of the different outfits.


I just going to use this Thread to request an Premium Avatar with the follow picture. I would like to have some animation but if you guys can’t that’s cool.

you would be better off making your own thread.


Since no one’s really stepped up, I’ve clarified the av’s outline a little in hopes that someone would be kind enough to make me an av. Hopefully, someone with some love for oldskool Mega Man like me.