Avast deleted my system 32 folder

Avast deleted my system 32 folder and now I can barely use the net. I’m also unable to use my USB ports or install any new software. How do I fix this without having to install an entirely new version of Windows7?

Don’t restart or turn off your computer until you have backed up all important information externally.

You will have to insert a bootable Windows 7 install disc (same version which you are running) and repair your install. The process should be self-explanatory after you load the disc.

If for whatever reason your system directory is not able to be repaired, you can install Windows on a new partition and migrate documents over.

Give this article a good read before doing anything else:

Unfortunately this happened last week, on my other laptop… not the one I’m currently using.

If you want any data off of that, download a Linux Live CD, burn it and run it on that computer, use it to transfer the data between that drive and a USB disk. Then you’re probably gon a have to reinstall 7.

You can still boot from a Windows 7 install disc, and your documents will not be overwritten by repairing the current install, but your drivers and some other system folders may be overwritten (this is all covered in the article). If you are not confident that you can remember what drivers to re-install (although there’s a good chance the repair won’t mess with them), you can back up relevant directories by booting to a live Linux CD as Missing Person suggested.

Wtf? How does this even happen??

Agreed, I never heard of Avast (or any Anti-virus) deleting a Sys 32 folder.
How are you even on the internet without a system 32 folder ?


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then follow missing person’s advice followed by deserada (though should probably just do a clean install)

I’m guessing he somehow got his system32 infected to the point where Avast couldn’t clean it. Or, when presented with the option to, he just clicked “delete”.

I’m using a different laptop.

I know exactly which drivers to install but the problem is the drivers needed to gain access to my usb ports were deleted and the drivers needed to install new programs. The internet doesn’t work at all and I need the Windows7 licensing number to get the install disc to work.

I guess I’ll have to install Ubuntu.