Av request...

Thanks for the help, sorry for asking for so much!

i would take this if you could pay me.

who ever takes this request, hats off to you.

Ah damn. Text on backround is that hard? Thanks anyway, everyone. I’ll make it myself, but I didn’t want to because it would just take me a bit, since I’ve only been creating avs for about 9 days. Thanks anyway. :wink:

RandomCL, huh?

i’ll do it, if you give me a few days… i need to get back up on my animation skills… it’s just that i work practically every day… 6 days per week… and not to sound like a shallow dickhead, because i’m not, my friend said you’re hot (i don’t even know if you’re a girl or not… lol), so i guess i’ll do it… just wait around… today’s thursday… i might have it done by around saturday or sunday… i just work 15 hour days this weekend.


boom. i couldn’t get the animated version small enough