AV request

can someone please make me an av with my cvs2 team bison blanka sagat showing at first and then fade away to msp with repeat fade in and out of my teams. thanks please put my handle somewhere in there too thanks.

bump. please someone help me out. thanks to whoever takes this.

team avatars are a pain in the balls.

my bad. i am just thinking that it would be cool to have an av like that. please help if you can. thanks.

i would help… if it weren’t a pain in the balls…

fitting three people in an avatar is hard enough to make it look decent… fitting six in is just rediculous… it wont look good, and therefore most of the people here wont help you, or wont put more than five minutes into it…

fades also take up tons of space… what your asking for, to make it look liek a GOOD fade… will be way over 20kb, or will be a tiny little graphic.

ok well then can I get a dope looking msp av then with my handle somewhere on it? do the background however you wish. just have fun with it. do whatever you think would make it look good. thanks a bunch.


here is a pic you can use to make the av. just stick my handle somewhwere on it please. thanks.




Lol Jeeeb, beat me to it again.


thanks a whole bunch.

No problem. Also, referring to your sig, what’s a trimatic day? Is that like three days in one?

fixed. but yeah thanks for helping.

LMFAO. i feel bad for teh torture that some of us put requests through before it gets fulfilled.

I don’t like making team avatars in non-premium size, which is why i wont do it. and with that magneto pic, it’s grainy and crappy looking, so i wont use that pic.

ok well ill try to find a better mag pic. I just want mag in the av with my handle somewhere. thats it. or if possible you can choose what pic of mags you want to use. thanks for helping me out.

for giving you hell. i’ll do it…

you’re third on my list of to-do’s. i should have it done tonight.

thanks a bunch.

i woulda got to it sooner… but i didn’t. lol


Can someone make me a rogue avatar? I would like to have my name somewhere on it as well. A background would be nice too. Thank you in advance.:smile:

i wont do it just cuz u hijacked tyram’s thread.