(av request) THE UNDEFEATED OF THE EAST! (master asia, from G gundam)


I watched G gundam a few years back an experieced that awesome that is master asia. I recently picked up Dynasty Warrios gundam fro the 360 and his awesomeness strikes me again.

I must have an av of him now.

A good picture of him doing his pose would be awesome, if it can’t work than just make it look cool.

^this is the pose I had in mind, but this pic is somewhat low in quality. :frowning:

Someone help me pls?

I’ll give this a shot

tried it with the pic u supplied

thank you kind sage.

I bump for I am awesome.

I just got an extra idea. Can you animate?

depends on what you want

I was wondering if you can make an av just like this one, only after about 3 seconds it fades into a pic of master gundam, and fades back about 3 seconds later. I’d really appreciate it.

Let me give it a shot

i can do the animation it’s simple, the problem is I can’t optimize it to a small enough file for use on this forum… :tdown:

-edit- make sure you click on the attachment to view the gif, it looks messed up in thumbnail version for some reason

Fucking awesome job, but the file is too big and the system won’t allow me to upload it. :frowning:

bumped for good measure.

bumped again. (sigh)

My animation skills are limited, and I don’t know how to compress the file size with image ready, sorry duke.

Maybe someone like .dub knows how to compress the image size? I’ve seen far more complex animated avatars from him that seem to fit within the file limits of a non premium member

Appreciite the effort. And the av you made looks so awesome. I’ll check with .dub. (again)

i was wonderin’ why you kept bumpn this thread:

basicly, the avatar’s size cant be lowered without looking like shyt. i’ve tryed…even after deletein’ a ton of useless frames. 22 frames when only needing 8. :rolleyes:

i suggest that you come up with a simpler avatar or go with buying premium membership to have more of a filesize and larger picture.

yeah if you want I can redo the av with less colors so that it’s possible to animate it

gumz in here for great justice lol

How bout something like this?


wow, that animation looks fuckin smooth as hell :pray: