Av request for Tha Deezo!

I’m in desperate need of an actual av. I just put up random shit. But basically I’d like an av of Deidara from Naruto. Also, I’m not too sure if I can request this, but can I request to have it be “premium” size or whatever?? I just wanna big dope Deidara av. That’d be gangsta. Thanks to whoever takes up my request in advance!

I’ll do it. Any specific image you want in?

Will this work?

Either one of these or both (it’s hard to find pics for him)…


Tat Guy-The picture didn’t show up when I clicked the link.

I hate that site so much. if they didn’t have the most free renders:

This is what I found.


Seminasuke-That was quick as hell. You’re a beast! Thanks! =]

man thats gangsta