av help

**can this picture be resized or crop. i don’t know the term but can someone please fix it so that it fits as an avatar with the words and picture visual… please?

-LINK REMOVED- ~quiche

ABASI!** :cool:

thats fucking disgusting

I strongly, STRONGLY suggest you take that down.

Lawl. Don’t hotlink from shit you don’t own.

lol hey Abasi… you know a brother would do it for you… just get me the pic and i’ll take care of it for you.

lol and that hotlinking is gonna get you lol.

hotlinking or no, that gets you an infraction. No goatse on skr, plz.


Hey guys. This is Lick Me Off aka Firetrainer60. I was hoping someone could make me a cool av. Heres what I want:

This Kingler:

I want him to look like he’s under water and if you could throw in some animated bubbles, that would be great too.