Auto/Rapid Parry?

So, when I was parrying the basket balls with sean, he threw one high in the air, and the other straight forward, i parried the one that goes forward, then it automatically parried the one that went high. So, my friend does this akuma qcb fireballxxSGH (SAI) and then I got confused which to parry, I can normally parry the normal SAI, but that fireball threw me off. So, I got the first 2 hits of both the fireball & the SAI, and I was parrying mostly the SAI not paying attention to it, but then still got hit, so my question is, whcih do I parry?

Yay for Level 3 parry!

I didn’t think that the basketballs were fast enough for the system to consider it a super-fast auto parry (ie. Tweleve’s SA1/PB Remy SA1). I always thought that setup was to teach how to parry something like fbxXDenjin.

Either way, parrying a fireballXXSuper fireball is done depending on range + punch used for the fireball. You parry at the speed of the super fireball, and the fireball usually falls between parries. Level 5 parry stage’s last barrage is the basketball’s attempt to copy that parry situation.