Austria: VirtualDojo Vienna

[LEFT]Hi everyone![/LEFT]

[LEFT]This may be interesting for everyone here whos coming sometime(or even lives there) to the capital of Austria - Vienna.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]We have, for almost a year now, a “Dojo” where ppl meet everyday to play fighting-games do ranking-battles or just hang out.[/LEFT]

To get a better picture what exactly it is or how it looks like:

Here are some Matchvids from our Ranking Battles:

VanDammage Season 1
VanDammage 1.1 - SSF4
VanDammage 1.2 - SSF4, SF3TS
VanDammage 1.4 - SSF4
VanDammage 1.5 - SSF4, SF3TS
VanDammage 1.6 - SSF4AE, SF3TS

VanDammage Season 2
VanDammage 2.1 - MvC3, SSF4AE, BBCS2, SF3TS
VanDammage 2.2 - MvC3, SSF4AE
VanDammage 2.3 - MvC3
VanDammage 2.4 - 3SOE, SSF4AE, MvC3, BBCS2
VanDammage 2.5 - BBCS2

Lolibattles Season 1
Lolibattles 1.1 - MBAA
Lolibattles 1.3 - MBAA, Garou
Lolibattles 1.5 - MBAA

For more vids from the Austrian FightingGame Community:

Starting Today we will also provide a Daily Stream, where a bunch of FightingGames will be Played.

Commentary, PlayerCam etc. will be implimented soon :slight_smile:

Good to see some Austrian SSF2X Players !

We’ve recently moved to our new Location.
Here are some Pics:

The new place is great, can’t want to visit you guys again!