-- Austin, TX Tournament February 23 (CvS2/GGAC/3S/HnK/MvC2) --

– Austin, TX Tournament February 23 (CvS2/GGAC/3S/HnK/MvC2) –

After recently moving from my hometown (Alice) and coming to Austin, and decided to start hosting in tournaments once again.
Found a game place known as Tek Republik and it looks like there willing to host the tournament on February 23 (Saturday).
It’s been a while since Austin has seen a tournament, and there are still a good amount of people playing. So let’s get this tournament going!

Seems like we are a little low on equipment so I’m going to need all the help I can get.
Gonna need some CRT TV’s (basic TV’s) as well as PS2’s, and copies of each game. In other words, bring whatever you can to support this tournament, if possible.

*** SCHEDULE ***
–> Capcom Vs. SNK 2 (2:30 pm)
–> Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (3:30 pm)
–> Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (4:30 pm)
–> Hokuto No Ken / Fist of The North Star (6:00 pm)
–> Marvel vs Capcom 2 (6:30 pm)
–> SUPER DBZ (I wish…)

All games will be played on Console.
I’ve actually added HnK / Fist of the North Star due to the new line up of games running at SBO, so start practicing now!

Please note that the schedule is not set on stone, some events may be delayed.

*** RULES ***

  • Please bring your own controller.
  • All rules are arcade standard.
  • Don’t use any game breaking glitches for any game that will prevent the match to continue (except for Fist of the North Star, some glitches will be accepted).
  • If you win with your character, you have no choice but to stay as that character until you have lost.
  • If you pause in a middle of a match, your opponent has the option to choice to have you losing that match or having a do over.
  • No refunds once you have started your first match in the tournament.

Also, please don’t act stupid.
In other words, don’t act childish. I don’t want to hear baby excuses on why you lost or why you can’t win. When the tournament starts for that portion of the game there will be NO CASUALS until that portion/game of that tournament is over.
If you are playing casuals, you will be given one warning, but if you are cough again after being warned you will be DQed (yum, ice cream… no but seriously).

No drugs allowed around the Tek Republik area, but I’m sure you guys know this by now… I hope…

*** LOCATION ***
Name: Tek Republik
Address: 5310 Burnet Road Suite 106
Phone Number: 512-459-2244
Website: http://www.myspace.com/tek_republik

Check there website

If you need a google location for the place, click here.

  • NOTE: If you call them regardless about the tournament they won’t know nothing about the tournament other than the fact that its gonna be hosted there on February 23rd. If you need more info on the tournament, please contact me thru AIM or post in this topic.

*** THE FEE ***
Entry Fee: $4 - Only pay once to enter the tournament.
Enter Game: $10 - Pay for each game that you enter.

The usual prize pot split will go as usual from the “enter game” amount by 70/20/10. The Entry Fee will not add on to the prize pot.
Brackets will be set to somewhat random but to a point where your playing someone you don’t know in the first set.
Brackets will be set at Double Elimination.

Let’s make this tournament the biggest one. Let’s show how big the scene really is.
Support the fighting game community, just join and have fun!

Count me in Pozer
I always support your tournaments

oh BTW, no CvS2? :sad:

CvS2 takes forever if more than like 3 people enter =[
Sad because I like the game (in moderation), but I wouldn’t wish it on any tournament organizer.

CvS2 is actually somewhat merciful if you do 2/3 winners, single game losers. And for something like this I don’t think the turnout for CvS2 will be very big. Just saying.

wondering how many people would like these games on arcade.

We got arcade cabs for GG:AC and 3S both running on american sticks.
It’s up to you’ll on what games you guys would like ran on either arcade or console.
Not to mention, with arcade cabs it can help the tournament run faster.

Post your feedback on this if you guys are interested in having your game hosted on a arcade cab :tup:

EDIT: Put up a little more info on this post.

Having the games on Arcade cab sounds fun. I’ll be sure to make it with some friends entering 3s.

If I can come the Hnk is free for me!


i prefer 3s on arcade // i’ve played about 2 games of gg, ever, on american stick, and they didn’t turn out so well :wasted:

hopefully austin players will show up to their own tourney ;p

I’ll be able to make it to this, unless the Army has me doing something that weekend. Won’t be able to confirm until a week before this happens.

If I can make it though, I’d enter cvs2 just for the hell of it.

P. S. 3s on cab plz.

With the delay in BRAWL, seems like I may have to change some things around.

For one, without BRAWL another game may take its place.
I’m actually thinking of replacing it with CvS2.

What about Tekken 5 DR? I may drive up to Austin if you’re going to hold a Tekken tournament. Tekken 6 probably won’t be within Texas anytime soon :(.

Smart man. =)

Outside of Trashday and Showdown Championships, I haven’t seen a good number of people enter for Tekken regionals. This will change when 6 comes in, but …

The thing with Tekken DR is just the fact that I doubt ill be supplied enough PS3s to even get the tournament going…

I remember trying to host some Tekken DR tournies in Corpus and both times failed rather bad due to lack of equipment.

cvs2…that is all.

I’ll make an update sometime around the night of Thursday on what the new game will be.

BTW, anyway I can get this topic sticky?


god i just lost some iq trying to read that.

haha jk pozer. i’ll try to make it out to support the scene in austin. sucks that einstein’s magically disappeared over the new year.

that place was good times.

OMG, I was in the middle of something when I was typing that.
What do you want from me, internet?! :sweat:

Haha, thanks for the support ;o

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

so its gone? oh man that sucks. what about that place next to it?

ill be down. 3s cabs plz. american? woot.

Yeah the Cabs are the same ones from Steins, American showcase cabs w/ P360s. They’re badass! Anyway I’m sure everyone in Austin that plays 3s is going. :smile:

ill try to go to this if nothing else gets in the way, i like tek republic anyhow, i think i still have some time there.