|||--August 5th--Columbia, MO--- Midwest Pre-Evo Throwdown! Slash, 3s, ST, MVC2-||

Midwest has wanted a tourney to go down in Columbia, so here it is…

  :p: ****** M I D W E S T  ----- *P R E -*  E V O -----       T H R O W D O W N ******  :p:   


When: AUGUST 5th with signups @ 5pm

Where: Columbia, MO @ Gunthers Games


     :p: G G X X   S L A S H :p: 

(console) will start @ 5:30-5:45pm $10

        :p:  S F I I I :   T H I R D   S T R I K E  :p: 

(arcade) will start @ 6-6:15pm $10

        :p:  S U P E R    T U R B O :p: 

(arcade) will start @ 6:45-7pm $10

     :p:  M V  C 2 :p: 

(Dreamcast) will start After Other Games $10

Questions that NEED answers from the players:

**Do you want to have a head to head set up for Slash using 2 Tv’s?

We are now confirmed for this and we’ll make it happen. Most likely for semi’s and finals due to time restraints.
We’ll be using both TV’s in the beginning of the tournament to make it run faster.


|||— T I M E — T O — T H R O W — S O M E — S H I T — D O W N— |||

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All right, good shit. I’m there. :tup:

Is there any chance the tourney could start just a little bit earlier, though? I planned on driving home right afterwards, so it would be cool if the tourney started around 3:00 or 4:00.

I concur. Especially considering my game of choice will be taking place at the very end.

Cool. Hopefully I can take off work for this.

I just bought a video capture device with USB so since I’ll have extra output slots open on the video splitter for the Head to head Slash event, I’ll record some Slash Matches using my brothers laptop. I don’t have anywhere to put the matches up though…can anyone help me out? I’ll probably just do it for the semi’s and finals as well.

If my brother remember to bring the camcorder back from my parents house, then I can record 3s and ST as well and put those up on the internet too… I’m not too good with video editing but I did mess around with the video capture device i just got and made a shitty denjin ryu vid, it was just for testin purposes, and it works well. I put it on you tube…don’t think that this is a serious vid, it was just me fuckin around in like 5 minutes.


Who think’s they’ll make here for the tournament?

I’ll be there, and if you can reschedule it a few hours earlier, fracKtured will come along too.

I have some web space we could host the vids on. I’ll bring my thumb drive to the tourny so you can give me the vids when we finish.

Don’t bring your thumbdrive to the tourney, i’m gonna have to go home and edit them a little bit so they won’t be ready right after the tourney, maybe a week afterwords. But yeah, the webspace would be cool.

NKI, I don’t know about changing the time of the tourney, mainly because I think people here don’t get off work until the time the tournament starts. I’ll definatly look into it and try to see if we can start a little earlier, but nothing is for sure.

Cool. Hook me up with the vids whenever they are ready.

Quick question for the Marvel players, I think I’m going to be providing the DC for this thing… is there anything I can do to avoid problems with the joysticks flaking out/blue window shenanigans?

If I remember correctly I’m basically half of the reason we’re waiting so late to start; I’m helping to run the tournament but I get off work at 4, if I’m the barrier to starting earlier in the day then go ahead and I’ll just try to get there as soon as possible. Just please avoid DQing me from GG or ST if you can. Obviously this is still Shekeib’s call.

Someone from STL bring Rex!

The Cannons told me at Evo East that as long as you use two of the exact same PSX->DC converters, you should be OK.

And I think Rex will be rollin’ up with me.

I just confirmed that we are. I’ll ask about starting the tournament earlier.

so whos all goin to dis?

I also would like to know an approximate head count. If I’m the only one coming from out of town, you might want to consider rescheduling it and giving people a lot of notice in advance (usually a month or so is good enough).

NKI… I’ve looked around for other people that are gonna be playing Marvel and the only people I know that are gonna play it are you and Fractured. I really don’t think anyone else will play marvel at all. If there is at least 4 or 5 people that show up for Marvel then we’ll play it, but it will probably be after Guilty Gear.

NKI and Frackture… In all honesty, I feel like you 2 will be the only ones here for Marvel, I’ve asked around and no one shows much interest for this game and I really wanted to have Marvel, but there just isn’t anyone coming to this tournament for it.

There will be other people from out of town coming for this… I can’t be sure who’s coming but I have been told there is more interest in this tournament than I thought there was and I heard a few people from NE are coming and Iowa even. But I can’t be sure about this so I can’t really give you a head count.

OK, as far as I know we’ve got… two or so? from Nebraska. Klaige from Iowa said he was coming as far as I know, but that’s it for that state. I seriously don’t know who’s coming from STL, I know Steve and Rob wanted to come, I don’t know if they got rides. I don’t think we can promise all that much for head counts… and most of the people coming just play 3S/GG.

edit: From Columbia, there’s me, frog213, Shekeib, Shohaib, Raiken, Pacman. I don’t think Shekeib and Shohaib play ST…

Hrm…well, if that’s the case, I don’t think it would be worthwhile for me to come down, 'cause I really only play ST and Marvel.

I’ll get at you guys next time. Just make sure you give everyone plenty of notice.

I might come down for marvel if there were a good amount of people for it to pay for my gas.

Fuck it…its cancelled. We’re playin at our house…

BTW, I plan on having another tournament a while from now and I plan to rent someplace out either at the college or some ballroom in a hotel. Rent a bunch of Tv’s and have a tournament for every game. Whenever this happens there will be plenty of notice before the tournament… I’ll post about it a month or 2 in advance, but for right now I don’t have any plans on starting it soon, but I’ll make sure everyone knows about it when I get a date.