Augest 31st 3s singels results

3s 3s results (32 entrys)

1st. Daemon
2nd. MagnetoManiac
3rd. Spire
4th. Nica K.O.
5th. Majek
5th. Ramza126
7th. Loc
7th. Tiberiou
9th. Haseo
9th. contra
9th. King
9th. Superme
13th.Dark gen
(No one gives a shit about the rest)

Ight tourneyh was fun, i sure as shit didn’t think I was going to playthe peeps who place 3rd and 4th. Its interesting that Majek actally took out Nica ko and mags lost in the finals to Daemon. good shit though.

Oh and i ALMOST didnt slsoe to the alex. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

you got it wrong man lol i didnt lose to majek i beat him…i lost to daemon the first place winner lol…i just choked…that couldve been me in the grand finals but oh well…but hey man post up again when you’re gonna make another one of these and can you make it at a reasonable time next time lol…maybe next time ill be on time and not get Dq’d but im pleased since i got 4th…basically for me it was only single elimination lol…ill get everyone again next time

Yeah Daemon!

thanks,and also thanks to shiro for not dq’ing me for being late :rofl:.
GG’s to everyone except bye, who is an asshole and whines about lag :arazz: .

Dimmu: It’s been a while since we played double impact.

Bye is the god of 3s , respect the bye!

ggs to all and congrads to daemon

Congrats Daemon! GGS to all that took part

Going as far as I did surprised the hell outta me. I figured I’d repeat my two and out from a local offline tournament awhile back. Of course, there were the droppers to consider as well.

tournament was pretty fun. i didn’t expect to get as far as i thought. i’m not that good yet, just started playing this game. thanks for all the fun guys, until next time! and yup i lost to Nica K.O. i hate fighting Yuns :frowning:


GGs majek. Me and you tied in 5th place!


Good job Daemon. I wish I could have played =/